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Now Available!! Maa’ingun :: Four Directions

Sunday November 23, 2014

Maa’ingun is Jiibay Shadow Dancer and Darwin Raymond and the New Limited Edition CD or Digital Release is now available! This release has been a long time in the making and we’re really excited to see it released as a beautiful CD through Ghost Arrow Records. Please check it out here: or if you […]

Coming Soon: Maa’ingun :: Four Directions

Monday November 10, 2014

      The test pressing was received and reviewed and the order has been placed.  Coming very soon:  Maa’ingun – Four Directions. This album will be available as a limited CD release of 50 copies. Maa’ingun is Jiibay Shadow Dancer and Darwin Raymond  

Earthtones Volume 2

Sunday May 25, 2014

I’m extremely honored to have “Hollow” included on this amazing collection of recordings from the incomparable Tessellate Recordings.  Grab a copy, help support their physical releases, and enjoy some seriously amazing music!

Open Sky

Sunday May 25, 2014

This EP is more minimal than my previous work and didn’t get a lot of support back when it was released in October 2013, but I still have a real fondness for this little collection.  It still speaks to me; I hope it does to you as well.

New Review From A Closer Listen

Wednesday April 03, 2013

Truly grateful to James Catchpole for the very kind words:

Lost Wave Photography

A selection of slide, film and digital images from 1997 to current.

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Somewhere The Sun Shines Brightly

Now available on
Analog Path

Unlike Darwin’s previous albums that examined the overlap of memory and present experience, "Somewhere The Sun Shines Brightly" is an exploration solely of memory, or the warm glow of distant shores otherwise lost in the passing of time.

Music of Darwin Raymond is a hug to our heart aches with soft love. Then this music picks up our darkness. It seems to have ability to suggest our course. This album is very emotional and spiritual. He has a way to derive the strong love with reference his memory. There are not the hackneyed self-pity, nostalgia and melancholia there. And the sounds of hidden meaning of this album creates new time whenever hear it. Astounding sinking to the depth to this an memory that put an important point for the performance of his guitar is great achievement. His life was dedicated to the wayside pebble or one flower. And "Somewhere The Sun Shines Brightly" holds out a hand to all people. Like a matter of course.

All music by Darwin Raymond, recorded March – December 2012, Columbus, Ohio / Mastered by Bobby Jones / Photograph by Darwin Raymond. For Jaime Raymond.

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Other Releases

Beyond The Shore, The Sea

Resting Bell  |  September 2012

Originally, I had no intention of making this album; my plan at the time was to work on something focusing on acoustic instrumentation. But sometimes songs demand to be heard on their own terms and this was one of those times. Often it's some of my favorite work, those songs that find me and that I am merely an interpreter for them.

It became apparent early on that this album was going to be about the ocean and, while I approached its construct much like I had with "Night", I focused on using chords and lines that, to me, had a feeling of the ocean and waves, beauty and sorrow.

In the end, this is a really special album for me and I hope you enjoy it.

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FeedbackLoop Label  |  April 2012

For Night, I wanted to explore the overlap and interplay of the present with memory, specifically my memories of the last few years and the absence that now surrounds them. On each track my approach was to create a guitar line that expressed a feeling or memory to which I immediately layered additional tracks, additional reflections, that related back to the underlying track in an attempt to maintain the experience of the moment.

For Jaime Raymond

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Audio Gourmet  |  February 2012

Rien/Rain is understandably dark overall, and its two pieces are best enjoyed using headphones in a quiet room. The dark and brooding nature of these pieces can be unsettling, but the brief fifteen minute duration ensures that it does not become maudlin. Instead, the sounds come across as a release, which somehow make it feel uplifting...

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Self-Released  |  January 2011

With/Out is my first attempt to put into music some of the feelings from the last couple of years I've otherwise been unable to express. It seemed important that most of the EP be performed solo, with the exception of the title track which includes a second, overdubbed guitar. "Blues for J. Lorraine" is the newest of the pieces, written in September 2010 and the track that convinced me to sit down and actually start recording again. "With/Out "is also recent, whereas "Lost Wave" dates from 2008/2009. This EP is dedicated to Jaime Raymond.

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